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Gym fees as for 2024


6 Months Contract:

R455.00 p/m Primary Member

R380.00 p/m Family Member 

R395.00 p/m Pensioners 

R320.00 p/m Pensioners Family Member 

Prices for Evaluation & Program 2024


Initial Consultation - R185.00

Complex Evaluation - R160.00

Ergological/PWC - R265.00

Postural Analysis - R160.00

1st Program:

Subsequent Consultation - R130

Program Prescription - R 160.00

Callis. Exercises - R160.00

Exercise Isom/Isot - R160.00

Passive Active ROM - R160.00


2nd Program:

Callist. Exercise - R160.00

Exercise Isometric - R160.00

Passive Active - R 160.00

Posture Gait ADL - R160.00

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