We render a Biokinetic Service that specialises in Cardiac, Orthopaedic, Metabolic and Psychiatric Rehabilitation. These services are rendered to cardiac patients of Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital as well as any other referred patient from other hospitals or doctors.

The Centre is unique in the sense that the Rehabilitation Facility is situated on the grounds of Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital with emergency facilities linked to the hospital and a registered ICU Nursing professional who works in the Rehabilitation Facility.


We cater for elderly patients with any postural orthopedic and or metabolic condition.


Patients also receive individualised exercise programs, train under supervision and are monitored regularly.

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Change, shower and Bathroom facilities available for men and women. We also have a bathroom for people with disabilities.

Gym facilities are available to all enrolled members of the centre.

Contracts for the monthly fees of the gymnasium were implemented. See bottom info bar for centre hours.

Services rendered are:


  • Pre-Admission information to patients - regarding the procedures like angiograms, bypass surgery, valve replacements, etc.

  • Post-Procedure information to patients - regarding the six-week programme after the specific procedure.

  • Phase Three Cardiac rehabilitation - (6 weeks post operative)

  • Phase Four Cardiac rehabilitation - prescription for maintenance program after 12 weeks.

  • Orthopedic rehabilitation:  Biomechanical and ergological evaluations are done for any kind  of orthopaedic patients.

  • We specialise in pre and post operative rehabilitation for any hip and knee procedures, specially replacements.  We also see many patients who had cervical or lumbar surgical interventions.

  • We are able to help a variety of patients regarding exercise rehabilitation. These include not oly all related cardiac patients, but also patients with:

  • Strokes patients(who are ambulatory);

  • COPD- any lung patients

  • Arthritis

  • Diabetics

  • Metabolic syndrome


  • Psychiatric disorders

The unique features include:


  • A nursing professional sharing information regarding the procedure as well as information and knowledge on what to expect when they return home.

  • Contact numbers should they need assistance after discharge from hospital.

  • The practice is situated on the premises of Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital, approximately 100 meter away from the Emergency Unit. 

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation in a safe environment, equipped with an emergency trolley with an AED and exercise apparatus that has all the benefits of a commercial gym.

  • All staff members are trained in 'Basic Life Support for Health Care Practitioners' which is revised on a weekly basis due to the nature of some of the high risk patients who train at the facility.

  • The monitoring of the patients before, during and after training sessions.

  • Constant supervision by the Biokineticist at the facility.


Also unique to this practice is the prescription of home programs with regular follow-ups, and patients who train at other gymnasium facilities can also be assisted with individualised programs. Patients have a choice of where they would like to do their training and will be followed up regularly.