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What is TRE?

Tension and Trauma Release Exercise is a simple set of movements that turn on our body’s natural re-balancing process BY TREMORING  – providing immediate relaxation.

It is a method designed to unlock your own genetic mechanism to be able to release the tension and stress from our body by tremoring…


Individual sessions

1st session : 90 min R600

Per session : 60 min R400

Package of 4 sessions (1st and 3  60 min sessions)R400 and 375 per session R1525

Package of 6 sessions       All sessions including 1st  session for R350  = R 2100

Package for Couple            R600 per session Must book 4 sessions R2400

Group packages

First time : Must commit to 6 sessions R200 per group session

Will include 1 90 min one-on-one session - after week two

Total cost  R1500

Done TRE before : Per session : R200

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